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Our Story

Today’s intensive farming methods are taking a heavy toll on the planet-depleting the soil of much needed nutrients and minerals. The resulting lack of these essential components in our regular diet as well as the stress and fatigue of normal day-to-day life tends to affect our general health and sense of well-being. What follows is often an imbalance of body, mind and skin.

About Earth Kiss

Himalayan Shilajit,

a rare form of powerful mineralized organic matter, contains 85 plant micronutrients that help to naturally rebalance the skin and body, restoring its natural beauty. One of the most important ingredients in Ayurvedic medicine, Shilajit was known in ancient Indian scriptures as a potent skin rejuvenator. Found in wild, spiritual Tibetan mountains, this precious life force energy is collected from the natural crevices of the high peaks of the Himalayas.

About Earth Kiss

We had to include this ancient natural wonder in our 7th Heaven masks. This is what makes our face masks unique and the best out there, so we renamed the brand Earth Kiss to reflect the connection between our masks and the ingredients sourced from the Earth.

About Earth Kiss

Our unique and

100% natural Earth Kiss face masks

are energized with Shilajit and include the wonderful ingredients that we collected from around the world. We have travelled far and wide to discover pure natural gems. From creamy soft White Thai muds from sunny Thai beaches to Million Year old Rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains, or deep moisturizing Baobab oil from African upside down trees- our masks are infused with ingredients from around the world.



Earth Kiss face masks not only deep cleanse your skin and draw out impurities, but also help to rejuvenate the very essence of your being, while increasing your energy levels and relieving stress and anxiety.


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